25 years ago Alastair Sawday turned his scruffy notes on unusual French places to stay into a simply designed book. He believed that people could avoid standardised, soulless accommodation and find these amazing places for themselves.

The books are still a big part of who Sawday's are, but we helped Sawday's refresh their look with a greater focus on digital, and open up their unique take on holiday lets to a new generation of explorers looking for something out of the ordinary.

Working with concepts by lettering artist Rob Clarke, we drew an updated wordmark for Sawday's which felt friendlier but also more sophisticated, while retaining the interesting quirks of the existing mark.

Notable features we worked to retain are the tail of the lower and uppercase ‘S’, the distinctive shape of the ‘a’ and ‘w’ characters, and the rhythm between all the lowercase letters (especially the a-w and d-a relationships).

We created a system of textured, painterly graphic elements reminiscent of landscape, walls and enclosure. Sawday's use a wide variety of photographic imagery from different locations in different seasons, so a wide palette was devised based on temperature and vividness that could be matched against any photo.


We’re a small design practice working in visual identity, UI design, creative direction, and photography.

Working with other creative people is what we enjoy best.

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